Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ at David Maus Toyota

What is wholesale to the public?
Can I get the same vehicle in a different color?
Do I get to leave in my new vehicle today?
What if you do not have the car/color model Im interested in with the features I want in stock at the dealership?
What's the difference between loans and leases?
What are the restrictions for me if I lease a vehicle?
Can I get a loan for a used vehicle?
Do I contact the insurance company myself or will you?
Can you setup automatic withdrawls or my new loan?
Where do I mail my payments?
Understand what your warranty means.
Do I have to come back to the dealership to get my car serviced?
Is there any incentive for me to come back to the dealership for service?
What is the David Maus Car Spa?
Does my car have to be purchased at David Maus Toyota to take it to get cleaned at the Car Spa?
If my car has to stay overnight, will you lend me a car?
Does my vehicle have to be staying overnight at the body shop to be able to rent a car from David Maus?
What kind of services do you provide?
Loyalty Rewards Program
How does the Loyalty Rewards program work?
Do I need a card to participate in the program?
Is there any cost to participate?
How are points accumulated?
What defines a household?
How will I be notified that I have earned a reward?
Do points expire?
How many points do I need before I am eligible for a reward certificate?
How do I redeem my certificate?
Does the rewards certificate expire?
Will I be mailed multiple certificates if I cross the reward threshold more than once within a point accrual period?
Is there a maximum amount of points I can earn on a single visit?
If I have two certificates, can I combine them?
Do I have to drive a Toyota to be eligible for the program?
If I have points/certificates at two different dealerships, can they be combined?
What happens if I use my certificate for a service that costs less than the value of my certificate?
May I combine the certificate with a special offer/coupon?
May I give my certificate to another household?
May I still redeem my reward certificate if I lose it?
Is there a way to see how many points I have?

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